Quick instructions to resolve the compatibility issue of Avast Antivirus on Window 8.1!

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Avast antivirus provides total security and protection to the user’s computer. But users face a lot of compatibility issues while accessing the Avast antivirus in their system just because users have upgraded their windows 8 to windows 8.1. This can also be due to various reasons such as the partial installation of the Avast antivirus which is creating compatibility issues, or some virus has already infected the system due to which the system is showing compatibility issues or due to Avast is not running ” issue.

Also, many users are having this issue after upgrading to windows 8.1. As Windows 8.1 has window defender as the default antivirus program which hampers the work of any other antivirus. Generally, two antiviruses in a system create a lot of compatibility issues. So to troubleshoot this issue easily users can contact our experts through Avast technical support number  otherwise follow the guide below.

Step by step guidelines provided by Avast customer service team to troubleshoot the issue:

  • First of all, users need to uninstall their Avast antivirus from their system which has window 8.1.

  • Press the window button and X simultaneously.
  • Go to the control panel and then on the “program features”.
  • Search for the Avast antivirus from the list and double-click on it.
  • Choose the “uninstall” option under program and features.
  • You will be asked for the permission to uninstall the antivirus saying “are you sure”.
  • Click “yes” to successfully uninstall it.
  • Now restart your system.
  • Users now have to disable the window defender which is present in the window 8.1 and after that, they need to install the updated version of Avast antivirus which is compatible with window 8.1
  • To disable window defender go to the start menu and search for services in the settings.
  • Now search for the window defender and right click on it.

Contact technical experts to solve your problems via Avast helpline number.

If users still get this compatibility issue with their Avast antivirus on window 8.1 or they find the steps difficult to follow they can contact experts through Avast help number  toll-free.

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